William Clark Park and Trail

Welcome to Captain William Clark Park at Cottonwood Beach. This riverfront Park commemorates the corps of Discovery’s journey along the lower Columbia River and their April 1806 encampment just a short distance from here.

Charged with identifying transportation routes and recording scientific information, Lewis and Clarks’ expedition, the corps of Discovery, produced hundreds of maps and sketches of the landscape, plants and wildlife. Throughout the journey, especially here on the Lower Columbia River where Native American populations were among the largest on the continent—Lewis and Clark found the Indians eager the exchange goods, food and information. In fact, without the assistance of Native tribes, the corps would likely have failed their mission.

Cottonwood Beach is an outstanding setting to explore the history of the cops of discovery and the natural history of the lower Columbia River. We hope that you will enjoy your visit.

William Clark park is a very popular summer spot for swimming, fishing, walking and biking.


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