By Vincent Dayley

Have you ever been to the Waterfront Park in Washougal? They have remodeled it last year. The waterfront park is a great place to go!

Eric the Erratic is a huge humongous rock. He was originally in Canada but when the ice started melting an iceberg broke off and took him all the way to Washougal. Eric is an erratic rock.

Bats are nocturnal animals found at the park.  They swoop down to catch their prey. They have echolocation. They are amazing animals and the only mammals that fly.

Compasses show direction north or south, east or west.

If you stand in the middle of the compass at the park and yell you can hear yourself yell back at you.  The compass also has really cool designs.

The Washougal Waterfront Park is a good place to visit. I’m glad I learned about Eric, bats and the compass. The waterfront is very beautiful and green.